Three Ongoing Ways Parents Can Help Manage A Teen's Anxiety Disorder

Watching your child suffer with anxiety can be so difficult as a parent. You want to be able to help them relax and take life as it comes, but nothing you do seems to completely ease their worries. It's important to remember that managing your teen's anxiety is a long, uphill battle, not a one-off fight. Here are some ways you can help manage your teen's anxiety disorder with ongoing support and assistance. [Read More]

How Can A Math Tutor Help Your Child To Master The ACT/SAT?

Your child is an A+ math student. Okay, maybe they're not always on the A+ track, but your teen still does more than well. So why do they need a math tutor? Tutors aren't just for kids who are failing. High school students use tutors for a variety of different reasons. One of the major reasons for hiring a tutor is ACT/SAT prep. Whether your child has standout math grades or just okay scores, every student can benefit from an ACT/SAT tutor. [Read More]

Four Questions To Ask When Choosing A Daycare Location

When it comes to choosing a daycare to use, there are many factors that are going to come into play, including location. The location of the daycare is going to make a huge difference in convenience for you and your family. Basically, you are going to want to decide between a daycare located close to home or one close to your work. Here are four questions you need to ask yourself: [Read More]

Not Sure What To Do Now That Your Child Has Started School? 3 Reasons Why It's A Good Idea To Volunteer In Their Classroom

Now that your child is in school, you might be thinking that your work is done. While teachers may be educating your child during the day, they still need your input and support. One way to do that is by volunteering in their school. You don't need to dedicate a lot of time to the program either. In fact, most teachers will appreciate an hour or two a week. That hour or two you spend in your child's classroom each week will have a lasting impression on them. [Read More]