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4 Training Tips For Learning Pilots

Learning to become a pilot is definitely an exciting time in one's life, but it's not easy. Getting your license is challenging and requires a great deal of studying and training. To make this journey a bit easier and learn the ropes faster, here are four training tips to consider:

  1. Bring the Cockpit Home: An easy way to quickly learn the controls in the cockpit is to bring it home. Basically, you can snap a picture of the actual cockpit and learn the controls for each button and lever or you can somehow build a replica with cardboard and sit it around you while you sit at home in your armchair. However, you do it, it's a great interactive way to get to know the cockpit better. 
  2. Find a Mentor: Spending more time at the airport during your training and meeting pilots is a great way to become motivated and possibly even find a mentor willing to help you train. Doing this is just an additional way to make your passion of becoming a pilot that much more desirable, which motivates you to learn more about the field. 
  3. Schedule a Sit-In at Air Traffic Control: Many times, air traffic control will allow you to sit-in for a day. It's during this time that you can see the background of what goes on behind the pilot. You'll learn what the pilot needs to control, how they communicate with air control, and how air control communicates back. This can help you understand terms better, as well. Just be sure that you always call ahead and schedule a time since they can't always take you. 
  4. Use Online Resources: Of course, these should be legitimate resources, so always be sure that you are checking where they are sited from. However, using online resources is a great way to get free information, which helps you save money on your training since it can be quite expensive.

Utilizing these training tips is going to get you well on your way to earning your pilot's license faster. On top of this, it's going to save you money since experience with an instructor costs money and having to retake the exam more than once is going to cost you money each time. So be sure that you continue to stay motivated and dedicate a good portion of your time to this to gain your license that much faster. Visit a site like for more help