4 Ways You Can Prepare for Flight Training

Ready to earn your wings? While many might just want to jump right in and learn as they go, the prospect of the first day of flight school can be daunting. Beyond the technical know-how, it's important to develop the right mindset so you can be prepared for the ups and downs of flight training. Here are four ways you can get ready to fly once you have selected an aviation school. [Read More]

Online Universities Can Benefit Military Members

Many people want to take advantage of the fact that the military will help provide them with the means to get their college education. However, it can be hard for members of the military to get that education, especially when they are out on a deployment. They aren't going to be near a university, or when they are, the class hours may not fit within their schedule. Luckily, there are other options. [Read More]

How The Right Summer Program Can Benefit Your Kid

Providing a self-guided setting where children can benefit from self-directed and hands-on activities is one way to get more out of sending them to summer programs. Letting each child thrive as a unique individual, however, calls for an approach that puts resources and educators at their disposal instead of just setting up activities. These summer programs for kids offer them a chance to enjoy their time and take on fun challenges. [Read More]

Benefits Of Having A Teachers-Observing-Teachers Model At Public Schools

Education is the cornerstone of society, and educators and administrators are constantly striving to improve the education that students receive. One way this is done is through teach observation. More and more schools use the teachers-observing-teachers model to assess a classroom to make improvements and implement innovative ideas. Some of the benefits of teacher observation include the following. Useful Feedback for New Teachers Teaching is a very important job, and it can also have a learning curve. [Read More]