Improving My Education

Benefits Of Having A Teachers-Observing-Teachers Model At Public Schools

Education is the cornerstone of society, and educators and administrators are constantly striving to improve the education that students receive. One way this is done is through teach observation. More and more schools use the teachers-observing-teachers model to assess a classroom to make improvements and implement innovative ideas. Some of the benefits of teacher observation include the following.

Useful Feedback for New Teachers

Teaching is a very important job, and it can also have a learning curve. New teachers goes through years of schooling and student teaching before becoming a certified teacher, but that can't always completely prepare a person for managing a classroom and perfectly delivering curriculum to students. Teacher observation is a valuable tool for new teachers, as they can use the feedback from more senior and experienced teachers who observe their class to make changes that will enhance their teaching and improve the students' learning.

Give Teachers Mentors

By nature, teachers want to help others learn. Implementing a teachers-observing-teachers model in a district is a way to help younger, less experienced teachers find mentors among their peers who have more experience in this classroom. As a result, a teacher can create a valuable professional relationship with a peer who has been in his or her classroom and can explain both the strengths and weaknesses that were observed. 

An Opportunity to Collaborate

Each teacher has his or her own style and method of teaching the curriculum. Having teachers observe other teachers introduces a path for collaboration and the exchange of new ideas that benefit the school staff as well as the students. Observing teachers in the classroom can give teachers new ideas about things to implement in their own classrooms while also encouraging communication between educators.

Gives Administration a Better Perspective

School administration is on hand to ensure that both staff and students are working hard to reach and exceed educational standards. However, a school typically only has several administrators, but many teachers and hundreds, or even thousands, of students. Employing a teachers-observing-teachers program can give administrators a better perspective of what is happening in each classroom through the use of classroom observation forms.

While administration can observe a teacher, the dynamic can be different, and this method can make a teacher feel nervous or stressed out. Being observed by peers often gives a much clearer picture of a teacher's strengths and weaknesses in a classroom. For more information, contact your local education department.