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What To Consider When Looking Into Private Preschools

Sending your children off to preschool can be an emotional time. You may look at them and think that they are still too young to be in a classroom environment. However, preschool can help give children a boost before they head into elementary school. There are a lot of things to consider when looking into preschool programs. One of the biggest decisions is deciding between a private preschool and a public preschool program. For those who decide to go with a private preschool, here area few things to consider.

Class Size

One of the biggest differences between private schools and public schools is the amount of attention each child receives. On average, the class size for a private school tends to be much smaller than for a public school. This means that teachers are able to devote more time to each student. The average student-teacher ratio for a private school is 9 to 1. The average student-teacher ratio for a public school is 17 to 1. When looking into private preschools, it's important to ask about class size. In general you will find that it's smaller than nearby public schools.


When looking into private preschools it's also a good idea to look into the curriculum. Unlike public schools, which have stricter instructions from the state, private schools have more control over their curriculum. This allows private school teachers to be more creative when teaching new tasks and skills. Students who attend preschool go into kindergarten with better reading and math skills than those who do not attend preschool. When looking into a preschool's curriculum it's important to ask questions about how they plan to teach your child the skills they will need as they head into elementary school.


Another thing to consider when looking into private preschools is availability. Many private schools offer preschool for children ages 3, 4, and 5. Some may even have programs for children as young as 2 that begin to focus on education. You are more likely to find preschool that works with your schedule at a private school. While public preschools are becoming more common, there is also no guarantee that your child will make it into the program. Only a handful of states offer universal preschool. In states that do not offer universal preschool, you may be unable to enroll your child into a public school program. 

Preschool can help children gain the skills they need to succeed as they move forward into elementary school. When looking into preschool programs many parents decide on a private preschool program. When looking into private programs it's important to consider class size, the curriculum, as well as availability. Contact a program, like Advantage Learning Center, to get started.