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Four Questions To Ask When Choosing A Daycare Location

When it comes to choosing a daycare to use, there are many factors that are going to come into play, including location. The location of the daycare is going to make a huge difference in convenience for you and your family. Basically, you are going to want to decide between a daycare located close to home or one close to your work. Here are four questions you need to ask yourself:

  1. Does One Parent Travel Often? Many times, you need to choose a location that is close to your work, your spouse's work, or your home. One thing to think about is whether or not one parent travels often for work. If so, then you probably want to rule out the daycare location that is located close to that parent's workplace simply because there are going to be many times out of the year when the other parent needs to drive out of their way for both pickup and drop-off. 
  2. How Long Is the Commute? If it's a long commute to your work, you might consider a location that is closer to home so your child doesn't have to start the day extremely early only to end up sitting in the car for a majority of the time. However, you also need to consider whether or not your commute home is going to be short enough where you can still pick your child up before the daycare closes. If not, then you may choose a location that is halfway between work and home. 
  3. ​Do You Want Your Child Close? In some situations, you may want your child close to you while you are at work in case of an emergency. This is especially true if you have a newborn or a child with a disability, in which case you also want to ensure that the daycare facility allows parents to pick up and drop off at any time, as well. 
  4. Does It Work for the Whole Family? If you have family members who will pick up your child sometimes, such as your parents, you want to be sure that the location works for them, as well. If you choose one that is too far, you won't have that kind of help when you need it because you are working late or there is some other emergency. Having it work for the whole family will ensure that you are ultimately happy with the daycare of choice. 

When you ask yourself these questions, it guarantees that you are more likely to find a daycare that works for everyone, including your child. For more information about daycare, check out websites like